Types of office Furniture

As far as possible, furniture of a uniform quality and design should be selected in all departments of an office. This many be termed as standardization of office furniture.
Every office require different types of furniture. Usually they are desks, tables, chairs, cabinets, and other accessories as common furniture for the modern office. These types of furniture which are essential for office are explained systematically below:

Office desks:

Most of the office works is performed on the desks. It is called the workbench on which all the clerical operation is carried on. The primary function of any desk is to provide a suitable surface for writing, checking, shorting and examining. Office machine should be kept on the desks. Desks provide a storage place for stationery, supplies, papers and files that are in use. The performance of an office employee is very much influenced by the type of desk used in the office. Therefore, a suitable type of the desk should be provided to the office employees.
The following factors should be considered while selecting the office desks:
  • Cost,
  • Cleaning facilities,
  • Good appearance,
  • Easy moving.
Desks can be classified into various types according to their use. They are:
  • Executive desks,
  • Secretarial desks,
  • Clerical desks,
  • Typist desks,
  • machine desks,
  • special desks,

Office Table:

In most of the office, tables serve the purpose of clerical desks and are often fitted with one or two drawers. Tables are generally used for writing, sorting the documents and temporary place for files and file trays as well as for sorting registers and papers. The common types of tables are shown below:


Chairs are important items of office furniture as the employee spends most of the time by sitting on the chairs. So it is not only affects the work performances but at the same time the health of the employees also. Hence, the office chairs should be comfortable. Heights of the chairs should suit the staff. The responsible person should select the appropriate chairs by considering the following points.
  • Adjustable height,
  • Shape of the seat and
  • Adjustable back rest.


Cabinets are used for filing papers, files, books, files, etc. Usually steel cabinets are used in office now a day because of safety and durability and due to the cost factor too. The traditional wooden cabinets and racks are out fashioned and these are not so safe also.


Safes are generally used to preserve important papers and documents as well as cash, cheque books and other valuable documents.

Other accessories:

Office furniture whatever discussed in the previous chapter is not the complete office furniture. Besides that furniture, other accessories like trays, waste paper basket, dustbin, pen stands are also the important accessories required in the modern offices.

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