Importance of Office Furniture

Office furniture is an indispensable part of office. Furniture is equipped in the office in the form of tables, racks, cabinets, sofa etc. Furniture plays an important role to maintain better working environment. It can be described as a basic facility with which an employee identifies himself. Right kind of furniture must be provided so as to provide maximum comfort to the employee. The proper layout of furniture in one sense makes office work smoothly. It reduces fatigue and health hazards to the minimum.
Furniture allows for the correct posture of the office worker while at work. The choice of office furniture is thus a very important task. Thus a manager should select the office furniture according to the nature and size of furniture.
Office furniture plays an important role for the efficient performance of the office work. They provide basic facilities. They are indispensable for the accurate and speedy performances of the work. Offices furniture provides following advantages to the office.

Increase efficiency:

Office furniture increases the overall efficiency of the office.

Image of Office:

Good appearance of furniture increases the attractiveness and the image of the office.

Working environment:

Office furniture creates good working environment and relieves monotony and work pressure.

Easy in supervision:

Good office furniture helps in supervision and restricts movement of the staff.

Positive effect:

Good office furniture gives the positive effect to the health condition of the staff working in the organization.

Factors to be Considered for Selecting Office Furniture:

Some factors should be considered while selecting office furniture. The following factors must be kept in mind while choosing office furniture.


The amount of funds available for the purpose would obviously affect the choice; but at the same time it would be essential to keep in mind to have the most suitable type of furniture. Therefore a manager must consider both the cost and requirement factors before selecting office furniture.


Design is related to the size of top, height, number of drawers etc. at the same time it refers the artistic looks also.


Durability is an important factor to be considered. Steel furniture which is becoming quite popular in the office is more long lasting than the wooden furniture.

Saving in space:

Choice of furniture is greatly affected by this consideration. There should be maximum saving in the space since the rents in urban areas are very high.
This is basic need for efficient performance of work. Comfort adds to speed and better morale among the workers.


Good appearance of furniture adds greatly to the looks of the office. Thus furniture should not only be functional but it should also have pleasing looks too.


The ease of cleaning furniture or space underneath is a matter to be considered at the time of choice otherwise it creates a lot of problems.


The furniture should be light enough to move around in the office where frequent changes are to be made in the placement of furniture.


The furniture should be safe to use. Plate, glass, topped furniture is relatively unsafe than others.

Fire risk:

Fire risk of the furniture is high but metal furniture has a less fire risk than the wooden furniture so this factor must be considered by a manager before having furniture.

Multipurpose or adaptable:

As far as possible space for preservation of files, telephones, computers etc.

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