In October, the insurance giant filed a lawsuit against Eyemed Health, accusing the insurer of not paying for eyemed workers’ medical care and failing to pay the company for the services of a medical aide who was hired by the company as a personal caregiver.

That lawsuit was eventually dropped last month after the insurer settled with Eyemed and the former employee.

That case is now before the courts.

“Eyemed’s lawyers, including attorney Michael Vassallo, claim the plaintiff’s claims are not just politically motivated, but are frivolous,” said lawyer Peter Koo, who represents the plaintiff in the lawsuit.

“They also argue that the claim is not supported by the facts.”

The suit, which was filed in state Superior Court in Oklahoma, alleges that Eyemed failed to pay eyemed employees who had to take time off to care for sick family members.

Eyemed’s former insurance lawyer, Mark D’Ambrosio, said that the lawsuit was filed with the intent of hurting Eyemed.

“It’s an attempt to get them to pay up, and I’m going to fight it tooth and nail,” he said.

“I don’t think there’s a reasonable likelihood that any of the people involved would ever have been compensated by them.”

The lawsuit claims that Eyemened failed to adequately cover workers’ healthcare and was also negligent.

Eyememed, which is based in Oklahoma City, is facing a class-action lawsuit in Oklahoma for failing to adequately pay eyemened workers.

The lawsuit also alleges that the company violated state laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to provide employees with proper healthcare.

D’Ambroiosio, who represented Eyemed in the Eyemed lawsuit, said the company will be fighting this lawsuit in court.

“We believe we’re entitled to the same protections and benefits that any other company would have,” he told ABC News.

“The only difference is the way that the law is enforced.”

Eyemed, the health insurance company for more than 100,000 Oklahoma residents, had to pay $5.5 million in state unemployment insurance payments in November as part of its settlement with Eyemeds.

Eyems agreed to pay a total of $8 million to workers in the state for the health care services they provided.

Eyemed has faced similar lawsuits in the past.

In 2014, the company was ordered to pay workers who were laid off because they didn’t receive paid leave.

EyEMS employees were given unpaid leave to care to their sick family and were also required to use a personal assistant.

EyEMeds has said that some of the workers were fired for not working, but it has also acknowledged that the situation wasn’t always correct.

The workers who received unpaid leave were paid through an incentive program.

A federal judge in November ordered EyEMS to pay all of the $8.5-million to workers, but the case has been appealed.

The settlement includes a requirement that eyems employees who are laid off be paid for their work.

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