By now, you’ve probably heard of DentalCare.

It’s a provider of health care, dental equipment and supplies that’s currently in the process of expanding its business from being primarily a dental insurance company into a dental care provider.

But, according to Mashable, the company also has a new and exciting plan to make it even bigger.

The company is announcing today that it’s raising $5 billion in Series D funding led by Altice Capital, which also invested in its parent company, Dental Care.

The round is the first in the $20 billion-plus dental insurance industry, which has grown to $50 billion in value in the past few years.

It comes after Altice’s previous funding round of $2.2 billion in late 2015, which was led by Sequoia Capital.

In that round, the investment firm also took a stake in Dentalcare and its other business, which include dental equipment, dental clinics and medical services.

Dental Insurance is a company that has grown from a provider in the US to being a company in the entire world, so it’s not exactly a surprising place to see a Series D round.

But the company’s new round of financing, which it says will be the largest ever, will go into its growth efforts.

Altice says it’s also going to focus on growing the company internationally.

That will include a focus on expansion in China, where it’s already based, and the US.

Altia is the largest VC fund in the world, and it has invested in companies like Uber, Airbnb and Spotify.

The investment in DontCare, as Altice puts it, is “a big win for the broader dental insurance market, and a very good investment for Altice as well.”

Altice, which is based in New York, will be joining a group of VC firms that also includes Founders Fund, Fortress Investment Group, and Founders Fund.

Altiec also announced that it had raised another $1.4 billion in another round of funding last month.

The fund is focused on healthcare, and its funding will go towards helping Altice and its customers with growing its business.

The financing will be focused on growing and expanding Dontcare’s business globally, Altice CEO Eric Hahn told Mashable.

“We’re taking a strategic approach to grow the company worldwide.

We’re going to invest heavily to help Altice grow, expand and improve.”

AltiCare already operates in a number of countries, including the US, the UK and Ireland.

Alticare’s new funding will be a big win.

As it looks to expand beyond its existing customers in the United States, the healthcare space, Alti is going to be focusing on expanding into new markets.

It has already acquired healthcare equipment provider Anthem, and is also in the business of helping companies that operate in a medical setting, such as hospitals.

Alticare’s expansion plans for the future will also include expanding its services in a new location.

This is the same company that is looking to grow beyond the US into countries around the world.

The healthcare industry has a huge potential for growth, especially in areas like healthcare IT, where Alti Care has invested.

In 2018, AlticCare is set to take over the reins from Anthem in healthcare IT.

Altis Health, the health insurance company Alti acquired last year, has a lot of experience in this space.

It is one of the biggest providers of healthcare IT services in the country, and has already expanded into areas like medical devices and dental care.

Altihcare is also looking to invest in the healthcare IT space, and Alti Health is already focusing on this market.

Altichcare, meanwhile, has recently acquired medical devices company TMS.

Altiato has also acquired health insurance provider Anthem.

Altial has already spent billions in the medical space, so this is a great opportunity for Alti to build out its business, said Alti CEO Hahn.

The Altice deal will allow Alti and its employees to focus more on growing Alti, and helping it expand globally.

AltinaCare, which launched last year in the UK, has already been a successful business, but it’s been struggling to gain traction in other countries.

AltiniCare, another UK-based company, has also been struggling.

Altidoc has had a very bad 2017, which led to it losing $1 billion in revenue and becoming the target of a massive antitrust investigation.

Altico, a UK-headquartered company, also lost $1B in revenue last year.

AltitCare has been one of Alti’s biggest players in the market.

The new funding is Alti Healthcare’s way of expanding the company into new territories and areas.

It says that its first new expansion area will be China, which Alti has been exploring in recent years.

“China is a very important market for Altis healthcare business.

We are looking at China, and we are also looking at India

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