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Read moreHow to save your dog’s health insurance cost article What is your dog insurance plan?

If you are in the market for a dog insurance policy, here are some important questions to ask yourself before you decide on a policy.

Can you get reimbursed?

Does your dog qualify for coverage?

Do you have any other special needs?

Is your dog covered by an extended pet insurance policy?

Do your pets have an in-home health care provider?

How much does your dog policy cover?

Can you afford it?

Are you sure you want to keep your dog on the insurance plan, even if you have to pay a premium?

Can I keep my dog on my insurance policy if I leave the house for work?

Are you sure that keeping your dog in a home with a pet care provider will be a good idea for your dog?

Do I need to be responsible for the care of my dog, even though I don’t own the dog?

Is there any way to pay for the dog in cash, like cash advances or an insurance transfer?

Are there any financial incentives offered by your insurance company to help you pay your insurance premiums?

Is the insurance company willing to cover a veterinary bill, if I am unable to pay my dog’s veterinary bills?

Can a family member cover my pet if I have to go to the vet?

Can my child stay with my dog when I leave home?

Are there any medical benefits or insurance exclusions offered by my insurance company?

Are insurance company rates charged based on your age?

Are they a good deal for my dog?

Do you have a dog with special needs or allergies?

Are your pet’s health issues covered under your policy?

Are insurance companies offering discounts or free vaccines to your dog or cat if they are hospitalized?

Can your dog be spayed or neutered?

Is my dog covered if I go to a pet store to have my dog spayed?

Can I have my cat neutered if I want to have her neutered, but I live in a shelter or in a rescue group?

Does my insurance plan cover my pets medication and health care?

Is this covered?

Are my pets medications covered by my dog insurance?

Can my dog have a medical test for diabetes or cancer?

Does my dog need any medications to keep her healthy?

Is any medical insurance covered for diabetes, cancer, or asthma?

Do I need a prescription to get my dog vaccinated?

Does insurance cover spay/neuter surgeries or preventative medicine?

Is the price of a dog health insurance policy worth it?

Do dog owners have to cover their dogs medical expenses?

If your dog has to be taken to a vet, is the cost of the trip covered by your dog health plan?

Do my dog and I have an obligation to pay insurance premiums if I lose my dog to an accident?

Will the insurance companies charge my dog a penalty if we don’t?

Is there a pet insurance option for my pets?

Can insurance companies cover my dog if I don and I can’t work, or do I have any financial responsibility to pay premiums?

Are pet insurance plans available in other states?

Do pet owners have the same rights and responsibilities as owners of other pets?

Do pet insurance policies have special requirements or restrictions?

Are dog insurance policies covered by a pet adoption program?

Do animal shelters offer dog insurance as a cost-sharing program?

Do insurance companies provide discounts for pets?

Is pet insurance coverage covered under federal law?

Do health insurance policies provide for medical expenses for animals that are not part of the household?

Is pet insurance covered by state laws?

Is your dog eligible for pet insurance?

Are your dogs covered by the Federal Dog Act?

Do health insurance companies offer discounts or offer discounts on spay or neuter surgery and preventative medicines?

Do pets have to be spay and neuter?

Can pets be spanked?

Does pet insurance cover dental and eye examinations?

Do any pet insurance companies require proof of financial responsibility?

Does pet insurance plan provide veterinary care?

Do insurance companies accept credit cards?

Does the insurance provider offer an emergency fund or a financial aid program?

Are pet insurance premiums paid in cash?

Does any dog insurance coverage cover spaying or neutering?

Do pets have insurance coverage for allergies or asthma, and if so, how much do pets require?

Do veterinarians provide spay, neuter, and vaccination?

Do animal shelters and rescue groups provide veterinary services?

Does animal insurance coverage provide spaying and neutering services?

Do these groups offer dental and dental exams?

Are pets eligible for dog adoption?

Are dogs eligible for spay-neuter-return programs?

Do rescues offer spay kits?

Do shelter veterinarians perform vaccinations?

Do dog insurance plans provide pet adoption services?

Are veterinarians required to vaccinate animals?

Is a pet insurer required to cover spayed and neutered animals?

Are veterinary health clinics required to provide vaccinations?

Is shelter veterinaries required to treat and vacc

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