Aetna, the country’s biggest insurer, said it is lowering its prices for its dental insurance policyholders.

The price of a standard policy will be reduced by 5% in July from the previous month, to a maximum of $3,600.

For people with pre-existing conditions, the price is now lowered to $2,100 from $3.5, while for those with preoperative or postoperative dental plans, the maximum price will drop to $1,500 from $2.50.

In addition, insurers are offering lower premiums for patients with preoperatively and postoperatively dental plans.

In a statement, Aetnna said that it has recently lowered its dental costs, which will apply to a smaller percentage of its customers, to bring its premiums in line with its competitors.

The company said that in the year to July, the premium of its dental plans will decrease by 5.4%.

The company also said that its dental health benefits have decreased by $5 million.

The news comes as the U.S. is facing rising health care costs.

More and more people are getting dental treatment at home, but the cost of care can be high.

In the past two years, the average cost for a standard dental procedure has increased by 5%, and a 10% increase in the price of the most expensive procedure has occurred.

Aetna said it will continue to provide coverage for those in its existing dental plans that have lower deductibles, but will limit coverage for new customers.

In a separate statement, the European Union said that dental care costs are rising faster than expected and that there is a growing gap between the health care system and the needs of the insured population.

The European Union Health Insurance Agency said that between March and June, health care spending rose by a third to 3.6% from 2.6%.

The agency said that the gap between costs and the incomes of the population has grown, especially for those who are over 65.

In June, the agency estimated that the cost gap for older people was $2 billion a year, while it projected that the average income gap for that group would be $1.5 million a year.

The agency added that in 2014, an average of $5,200 was spent per person on dental care.

“This gap must be addressed by tackling the root causes of the rising cost of dental care,” said an EU health spokesperson in a statement.

An analysis by the National Center for Health Statistics, the U, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and other organizations concluded that the health risks associated with preterm births and prematurity are greater than expected.

The health department of the U-S.

health department said in a July 8 statement that it is looking into lowering the maximum age to get a health plan.

The policy also states that individuals must have a low income and must not have preterm or premature birth, or have ever had any medical conditions.

Health insurance companies are expected to lower prices on their own, but not by the full amount they have planned.

Some insurers are also planning to charge less on their premium plans.

Aetnina said in its statement that its prices are lower than other insurers.

However, the company noted that its lower prices are based on the number of policies that it offers and the cost it pays to operate its network of dentists.

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