By now you may have heard that insurers are offering more affordable insurance to homeowners.

The idea is that if homeowners are more likely to be hurt by the weather, for example, insurers can offer insurance to protect them against damage.

If the weather stays warm, they can also offer more coverage to those who are more vulnerable to heat stroke or pneumonia.

But what does this really mean for the average homeowner?

Here’s what the latest data tells us.

The average insured is actually going to pay more on average than they would if they did not buy a home.

The average homeowner in the United States is paying $1,082 more per year for their home insurance, according to data from the Insurance Information Institute (III).

In comparison, an average non-homeowner in the same income bracket is paying only $1.85 more for their insurance.

So the insurance companies want you to think that they can just deduct your mortgage interest payments from your income to make up for the fact that you are a homeowner.

They don’t have to deduct it, because the homeowners insurance companies already take that out of your paycheck.

So if you are paying less than you would if you were a non-resident and the weather was bad, you would likely be more likely than not to pay the mortgage interest for your home insurance.

But you can also reduce the amount of your mortgage loan by using the Homeowner Health Insurance Rebate (HHIRA), which offers a flat rate for homeowners.

That will reduce the mortgage payment for homeowners by about $20 per year.

To be clear, there are still plenty of benefits to buying a home insurance policy that does not require you to pay down your mortgage.

For example, a mortgage interest deduction will still apply to your mortgage payments.

But for most people, a $1 deductible from a home loan will actually be more helpful than a $20 rebate.

Another benefit to homeowners insurance is that it will provide more protection than non-insurance.

If your home is worth less than it was when you bought it, the homeowners coverage is probably going to be more valuable.

The same goes for homeowners insurance against damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather events.

And homeowners insurance for tornado damage is more likely that homeowners insurance coverage for hurricanes, since the homeowners policy pays for the storm damage instead of the tornado damage.

While the homeowners benefit may seem small compared to other benefits that you may enjoy with a policy, you should still be careful about whether you want to purchase homeowners insurance.

If you have been injured by a tornado, or a wildfire, or other natural disaster, you are probably going a lot more expensive than if you bought your home in the middle of a drought.

And if you do end up in a tornado or wildfire situation, the premiums that you pay for the insurance may be higher than you might have thought.

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