Insurance quotes for your apartment can be tricky and can vary by region and city.

Here’s a list of some key areas where you might need to compare prices, as well as some suggestions on where to go to find the best deal.


Exterior colour: You may need to make sure you get the same colour as your home, or you may need a different roof cover.

Insurance may not cover the cost of a new roof or any repairs that may be required, as they’re covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Find out more about what you need to do to protect yourself.


Floor plan: If you want a flat-screen TV, you may want to choose a different floor plan, as many apartments don’t have that option.

You’ll need to go through the apartment’s planning process and find out how much of your property you’ll need.


Renters’ insurance: You might need a renters’ insurance policy to cover the rental costs.

Find details about how to get this.


Roof cover: If your property is roofed, it’s likely you’ll want to use a higher-quality roofing material than your current flat, which can cost up to £30,000.

This is to ensure the roof is in good condition and to reduce the risk of a roof leak.


Dampers: The amount you’ll pay for a dampers is likely to vary from property to property, depending on the size of the building.

You can also ask your landlord if they’ll be responsible for any repairs needed, as some landlords don’t want to be liable for any damage caused to their property.


Insulation: Insulation is essential to keep your home from freezing, and can also be used to prevent fire damage.

Find more about how insulating your home can help.


Waterproofing: If a leak or fire has happened, it can be costly to fix.

Find how to fix a leak and protect yourself from a fire.


Damage to your home: If there has been damage to your property, you might have to seek legal advice and make repairs to it.

Find your options.


Your insurance provider: Some insurers cover the entire cost of your insurance, including deductibles and coinsurance.

Find what you can do to get the cheapest rate.

Find the best insurance quotes for home and apartment rentals, or get advice on what to do if you’re not sure.

Read more: Why you should pay more to live in your own home, the cost and benefits of home insurance, renting and renting without a mortgage.


Your mortgage: If the cost to your mortgage is going up, it may be worth paying extra for a home insurance policy.

You may also be entitled to a discount if your property has been in your family for more than 10 years.

Find a mortgage broker who will help you find the cheapest rates for your needs.

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